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The Best of Both Worlds

BEX’s intuitive multi-channel checkout allows customers to buy when and how they want. This means more sales for your business, and more customers both in-store and online!


Receive online orders, then prepare, pack & ship with the help of BEX Bike Logistics and out market leading rates.


Customers complete their purchase online, you confirm when the bike is ready, and they pick-up their bike (& purchase more) in your store


Customers reserve their bike for a small fee, you confirm when the bike is ready, they pick up and complete the transaction in your store


Receive your orders from BEX, print your shipping label and BEX will insure and deliver your bike to consumer, hassle free

Maximum Reach
Minimum Risk

More than just a shop

BEX’s members receive access to a range of digital services and solutions, helping you to get online, digitalise your inventory & reach a huge audience of consumers who are online, looking for their next bike.

Marketplace Solution

Online Marketing

Shop Integration
& Inventory Management

Digital Consulting
eCommerce Services

Industry-Leading Product Information Management

Bike Shipping

Payment Gateway Integrations


Fully Integrated Inventory Management

Trusted by 1,600 partners WORDLWIDE

Choose Your Service Level

Choose from 3 adaptable service tiers to tailor the support you need. Whether it’s our self-guided “Solo Ride” or our comprehensive
“Pro Ride” package, each are designed to optimize your store’s ROI.

Go Solo and Boost your Online Sales​

Solo ride

Your journey to boosting your online sales within our marketplace. This package is for bike dealers looking to enhance sales with minimal help from BEX. You can set up shop within our marketplace in a few clicks and start selling in minutes.

Supported Digital Sales

team ride

For bike dealers or brands who are ready to take online sales to the next level, our Team Ride package is your solution. We provide all the services you need to sell more bikes online while you concentrate on what you do best – delivering quality bikes and services.

Full Service Channel Management

PRO ride

From large bike brands to local bike shops, we’ve got your tailored solution. In our Pro Ride package, we can manage your complete online business or just the digital facets, enabling you to focus on what matters – developing & delivering quality bikes and services.

Trusted by consumers, retailers, and leading brands, from startups to manufacturing titans

Connected Commerce
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