Learn why it’s imperative that each of your products has a barcode:

  • Manage your inventory efficiently
    Barcodes make it possible to quickly identify products and link the data to an online marketplace.
  • Track your products accurately
    With barcodes, you can track exactly where your products are in your supply chain. This minimizes errors and saves costs.
  • Improve your customers’ experience
    Customers want to be sure that the products they buy are genuine and the product they receive matches the specs and description of the product they ordered.

Have you ever dealt with barcodes? A barcode, also known as an EAN, UPC or GTIN, is a 12 or 13 digit globally unique item number. A barcode is basically an optical label that contains information about a product and is machine-readable. But why are barcodes so important? And why should each of your products have a barcode?

Barcodes facilitate the identification of products

A barcode serves as a unique identifier for each product. By scanning the barcode, information such as product name, price and origin can be retrieved quickly. Barcodes enable efficient automated data processing. From warehouse management to checkout processing, they help to speed up processes and minimize errors. In addition to the barcode, your product can also be identified using the manufacturer’s article number (SKU)

Uniform product labeling creates customer trust

Millions of products are sold every day on online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Without a consistent method of identifying and tracking these products, it would be difficult to keep track of them and ensure a smooth shopping experience for customers. 

Barcodes and SKUs allow you as a seller to clearly identify your products. In turn, the IT department of the online marketplace needs the relevant information to link your products to the marketplace’s database.

Such information is also used for searches and filters on e-commerce platforms, for example: Imagine a customer is looking for a specific carbon race bike. However, the specifications of the bike frame are missing from the product data you have provided to the online marketplace. This customer would thus never be able to find and buy your product.

Customers want safety and quality 

Customers want to be sure that the products they buy are genuine and the specifications are accurate. This is particularly important for high-priced, and highly specific items such as bicycles. 

Uniform product labeling, using barcodes, and item numbers signals to customers that you are professional as a seller and care about the quality of your products. This helps to build customer trust and encourages them to make purchases from your listings.

The use of barcodes in logistics reduces errors and costs

The use of barcodes can also improve logistics management by enabling efficient tracking and management of products during the shipping process. This means you can be sure that the right products are delivered to the right place at the right time.This reduces the likelihood of errors and complaints and in turn improves the customer experience. You will be remembered as a trustworthy retailer and the online marketplace on which you offer your products will also become more reputable.

Manual data entry is error-prone and time-consuming. By automating your inventory and integrations with barcodes, you can significantly reduce error rates and unnecessary expenses in your company.

Where can I find the manufacturer’s barcode or article number?


On the packaging of your products

Look on the product packaging for a barcode with a 12/13-digit number underneath. This is the barcode you need for product identification.

In price lists or master data from manufacturers

Almost all brands offer master data or price lists for their models as CSV or Excel tables. Simply request these lists directly from the manufacturer. You can then look up all the barcodes or SKUs of the products in this list. Some manufacturers list this information online within their B2B portals as well.

On the official manufacturer website

Manufacturer article numbers in particular can often be found directly on the website of the respective brand, e.g. Trek, Giant, Scott, etc. Simply search for the product on the website, select the correct variant (color – size) and then search for a field such as “SKU” or “article number”.

Working with a trusted partner

Still struggling to get barcodes or SKUs for your products? High-quality online marketplaces that have recognized the trend are constantly expanding their services. Bike experts and professional account managers often have early access to the latest master data from manufacturers and brands. This can give you as a retailer a real advantage over your competitors. You can offer trending products for sale online faster and more efficiently.

Best practices for barcode use

To take full advantage of barcodes in e-commerce, it is important to follow best practices when using them and avoid potential mistakes. 

The most important points when using barcodes in e-commerce are 

  • the use of high quality labels
  • Regularly checking and updating item master data
  • staff training
  • the selection of an up-to-date merchandise management system
  • Cooperation with professional online marketplace

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